Oct 4, 2022

5 Mistakes To Avoid During Your Marital Separation

5 Mistakes To Avoid During Your Marital Separation

When you and your partner wish to end your marriage or work on your relationship, a few options are available. For example, you could pursue a separation settlement agreement where you are still technically married but maintain separate residences. You could also seek a marital settlement agreement that involves a complete dissolution of your marriage.

Whichever you pursue, the mistakes you can make in both scenarios are the same. Read on to learn about five mistakes you should avoid during your marital separation.

Not Understanding the Agreement

In a settlement agreement, whether a martial separation or a separation settlement, you must fully understand what it states. You and your former partner must carefully deliberate over whatever arrangement you come to. The agreement will go over items such as custody if you have children and alimony if it applies to your case. Make sure you completely understand the agreement to avoid ending up dissatisfied with the terms therein.

Being Public

One of the worst things that many do when contemplating or experiencing a separation is being incredibly public about it. Your separation is between you and your partner, and outside voices can significantly impact how you feel about the process. You can seek advice from professionals, but know that even family members can often affect things. For example, a sibling may twist your words, hurting your perception of the agreement, or word could even reach your partner and complicate matters further.

Dragging It On

Another mistake that people commonly make is dragging the process on. Some perceive the goal of reaching an agreement as a suggestion that they can change or delay forever. Doing this may seem right in the moment, but it only complicates the situation and puts you at odds with your partner.

Starting a New Relationship

Just because one relationship is changing or ending doesn’t mean you should immediately go out and try to fill that relationship void. You could pursue a separation agreement where you stay legally married. Immediately trying to find a new relationship could harm what you still have. Instead, consider taking time to reflect on your relationship.

Turning Your Spouse Into an Enemy

Another significant mistake many make is the demonization of their partner. Even if the separation seems like their fault, you shouldn’t turn them into an enemy. They’re a person you spent a lot of time with and who greatly impacted your life. Treat them respectfully, as this can make the process easier for you both.

Avoid these mistakes during your marital separation and take this change as an opportunity to grow. Coming to a solid agreement just between yourselves is difficult, but thankfully Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP can help. We have some of the best attorneys who can help with your Illinois martial settlement agreement, ensuring the best outcome for all parties.

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