Jul 17, 2022

Are Professional Athletes Entitled to Workers’ Compensation?

Are Professional Athletes Entitled to Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation, as you may know, pays an employee in the incident they suffer an injury on the job. It is a form of insurance where wages and medical costs are taken care of in exchange for the employee relinquishing their right to sue their employer. There are variances between different states and jobs, but the principle is the same throughout, even for athletes. Read on to learn how professional athletes are entitled to worker’s compensation.

It’s Common for Athletes To Be Injured

Part of what makes workers’ compensation so crucial in sports is that athletes’ job is to put their bodies on the line, and injury is a natural consequence. Injuries are common in other fields, but sports injuries are part of the job. Though sports organizations do everything they can to minimize injury, athletes push their bodies to the extreme, which makes them more susceptible to getting hurt. Because accidents happen often, athletes must ensure they are correctly insured to receive compensation.

Who Is Eligible?

So, who is ultimately entitled to receive workers’ compensation for their injury? Any professional athlete who experiences an injury is eligible for the insurance program, but there are varying degrees, depending on the exact condition of the injury. Some injuries are more severe and can take someone out of the game for longer, if not entirely. These injuries may fall into a gray area, and you may need to find a lawyer to represent you in bringing forward workers’ compensation claims. Other minor injuries that do not lead to a permanent disability are easier to receive care for, but that does not mean it will be automatic.

How To Get Workers’ Compensation?

While workers’ compensation is available, obtaining it is a rigorous process. As mentioned previously, it varies depending on the state, type of injury, and career length. These types of cases also require a lot of documentation regarding pay stubs, the severity of injury, recovery period (time away from the job), and rehabilitation potential. To build this proof, you may even need to dig into your pocket to obtain medical tests, evaluations, and lawyer fees to file the claim correctly.

Professional athletes are entitled to workers’ compensation, and it’s necessary for the industry. Without it, injuries could ruin athletes’ lives as they would lose their careers and end up with thousands of dollars of medical expenses. Thankfully, here at Schiller DuCanto & Fleck, we have some of the greatest athlete attorneys in Illinois. We can ensure you receive the proper representation you need to fight for the compensation you are entitled to.

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