Aug 21, 2019

Family. Law. Diversity.

Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP lawyers are some of the most experienced and recognized in the field of Family and Matrimonial Law.  What sets Schiller DuCanto & Fleck apart from other firms are its people.  Ranked among the Top 100 law firms for diversity by Chicago Lawyer magazine in 2019, our attorneys come from all parts of the country and have varied backgrounds, experiences and upbringings from which they draw upon to achieve our clients’ goals.

Earlier this summer, Senior Partner Jason N. Sposeep (from Indiana), and Partners Thomas F. Villanti (from Florida) and Evan D. Whitfield (from Arizona) spent four days hiking and fishing in Valdez, Alaska with their fathers.  The six men shared food, drink and most importantly their stories, comprised of more than 333 years of combined experience.

Jason’s father, Michael Sposeep, a retired Judge who grew up Jewish in the Midwest, spent more than 30 years on the bench and countless additional years running a family scrap metal business.

Thomas’ father, Craig Villanti, is an appellate Judge who grew up Catholic in New York and later moved to Florida for law school. Before becoming an appellate court Judge, he practiced as an attorney and trial court judge for 25 years.

Evan’s father, Burke Whitfield, is an African American who grew up in the 1950’s, was a Vietnam veteran who then went on to become a policeman, social worker, community college professor and an educational administrator.

The stories passed from father to son and between families brought the group closer together and added to their collective understanding of the many ways in which people live their lives.  That understanding informs Jason, Thomas and Evan in their work as advocates for our diverse clientele.

Whether you are a once-divorced father, a retired Olympic athlete or one of two high-earning professionals married with small children, each and every one of our 45+ attorneys at Schiller DuCanto & Fleck can appreciate and empathize with your own unique situation.  As the country’s largest firm focused on Family and Matrimonial Law, our diverse, talented and seasoned attorneys are our greatest asset and our clients’ greatest advantage.  To learn more about our highly skilled attorneys across the firm’s three offices including Chicago, Lake Forest and Wheaton, Ill., visit here.

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