Dec 5, 2021

Is It Better To Wait Until Your Child Is Older To Divorce?

Is It Better To Wait Until Your Child Is Older To Divorce?

Divorce complicates everything, so many parents consider holding off until one element is more controlled: their child. Parents with younger children may worry about divorcing until their child is “ready,” and that’s entirely natural. We’ll help you determine if it’s better to wait until your child is older to divorce.

The Best Time To Tell Your Child

There’s no “perfect time” to get a divorce. No matter when you have that conversation with your child, it’ll be extremely difficult for everyone. However, the sooner you get it over with, the sooner your child can adapt and thrive with a new lifestyle. Don’t let anxiety about your kid’s reaction prevent you from doing what’s best for everyone involved.

The Dangers of Waiting

While it may feel like you’re helping your child by waiting to divorce until they’re more mature, keeping children in a conflict-oriented environment has more potential for mental and emotional damage. Kids are often more perceptive than we think, and they can tell when their parents are unhappy or stressed.

When It Makes Sense To Wait

Waiting isn’t always the wrong decision. If your children are almost adults, you can save yourself the headache of a custody plan by postponing divorce proceedings until they turn 18. At that age, your children are likely mature enough to understand why you’re waiting and begin adjusting before you file any official documents.

You may also choose to wait if home life involves no contention or conflict but is simply not what you or your partner was hoping for in a marriage. As long as you and your spouse can continue to care for your children together without tense situations that can make a child uncomfortable, you can hold off on getting a divorce until you think your child is ready.

Now that you know if it’s better to wait until your child is older to divorce, reach out to a professional child support attorney in Chicago to determine your next steps.

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