Jul 13, 2023

Michele Jochner Presents On Effective Motion-Drafting In Trial And Appellate Courts

Schiller DuCanto & Fleck Partner Michele M. Jochner recently presented a webinar on "Effective Motion-Drafting in Trial and Appellate Courts" for the American Inns of Court and Scribes −The American Society of Legal Writers. The webinar is the result of a collaboration between these two groups, who have developed the "Write to Be Heard" series featuring presentations by leading national scholars and experts on topics related to legal writing and advocacy.

Michele presented alongside Mark Cooney, Professor at Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, The Honorable Alfred Bennett, U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of Texas, and The Honorable Abbi Silver, a former Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court. The panel discussed the significant role that motion drafting plays in both trial and appellate courts and offered practical strategies for crafting effective arguments that can increase the chances of success for clients. Michele drew upon on her extensive experience as a distinguished trial and appellate lawyer and emphasized the importance of precision and clarity in motion drafting. She provided tips for organizing arguments, anticipating counterarguments, and addressing potential weaknesses in their positions. Michele’s expertise in motion drafting is rooted in her impressive legal background and having successfully argued before numerous Illinois courts of review.

"I firmly believe that effective legal writing is a critical component of success in family law appellate cases. Clear and persuasive writing can help attorneys articulate complex legal issues, engage the court's attention, and ultimately achieve favorable outcomes for their clients. As a family law practitioner, I have seen firsthand the significant impact that strong legal writing can have on the outcome of a case, and I encourage all attorneys to continually strive for excellence in this area," says Michele.

In addition to her legal practice, Michele is a frequent author, speaker, and presenter on issues related to family law, appellate practice, legal writing and effective advocacy. She has been recognized as a leader in her field who has received numerous awards for her contributions to the legal community. Michele currently serves on the Board of Directors for Scribes, and in the executive role of Treasurer.

The webinar was part of Scribes' ongoing commitment to promoting excellence in legal writing and advocating for clear and effective communication in the legal profession. The “Write to Be Heard” series aims to highlight the significance of proficient writing and create educational opportunities for individuals to improve their writing abilities. Comprised of four independent courses, each session enables participants to discover various methods of enhancing their writing skills in specific contexts and categories.

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