Oct 25, 2022

Pros and Cons of Long-Term Martial Separation

Pros and Cons of Long-Term Martial Separation

Marital separations are a great option for couples amid relationship issues who do not want to divorce each other completely. Marital separations can help a couple reconcile their issues or realize they are better apart, but there are also some negatives to a separation. Read on to learn more about long-term martial separations’ different pros and cons.

The Pros

A long-term martial separation can be great for some people, as it has many more benefits than a divorce. It’s a viable option that many should consider if they haven’t already. It’s important to properly understand the benefits of a long-term separation and see if it works for your particular situation.

Health Care

One of the main pros to choosing a long-term martial separation rather than a divorce is the availability of health insurance. When someone works at a company, they can get their insurance through their job, which can extend to their family. If you get a divorce, you or your partner could lose that insurance, depending on who has the job. Some couples opt for a martial separation to keep this coverage.

Tax Benefits

Another reason many will choose a martial separation instead of a divorce is the tax benefits. You and your partner can take advantage of different tax benefits when you are legally married. For example, you can claim certain credits when you file jointly, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit or American Opportunity Tax Credit. You may also have increased deductions compared to filing separately, should you go through with a divorce.

The Cons

While there are some benefits to staying separated instead of getting a divorce, you may not have anticipated some potential consequences. It’s important to keep both sides in mind when determining how you and your partner should proceed.

Lasting Debt

While you can retain healthcare and potentially get tax benefits for staying together, you and your partner will continue to share debt. This fact can be accepted if you and your partner are communicative and open about debt and finances, but it can also hurt you if you’re not careful. For example, one spouse can withhold the debt from the other. If they fall behind on payments, both can see a severe drop in their credit scores.

Family Dynamics

For some couples, separation is the best choice for their family and kids because a divorce can be harmful and confusing. While this could be true, you should look at the other side of the situation. It may be even more confusing for the child to learn their parents are no longer together but still act as a traditional family.

There are pros and cons to a long-term martial separation, and it all depends on your relationship and the complexities between you and your partner. For some, separation is the best option. For others, it could just be prolonging the inevitable. If you’re unsure about your next steps, consider consulting with a separation agreement attorney in Illinois. Here at Schiller DuCanto & Fleck, we can help you navigate this complicated part of your life and assist in finding the outcome that works best for you.

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