Mar 7, 2022

Top 4 Reasons for Sole Custody Agreements

Top 4 Reasons for Sole Custody Agreements

Breakups and divorces are devastating when children are involved. However, these experiences can be even worse if you don’t take the proper measures to protect your child. While we never want to consider a life for our children that involves one fewer parent, sometimes it’s for the best. Read on to learn the top four reasons for sole custody agreements.

Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Perhaps the most common reason for needing a sole custody agreement is alcohol or drug abuse. Substance abuse goes hand in hand with physical abuse, neglect, and abandonment and is one of the first signs of an unsafe environment. While the occasional beer or glass of wine is completely fine, a parent who is consistently in an altered mental state should not have custody of a child.


Issues of neglect in a parent’s past are often indicative that the behavior may continue in the future. There’s no need to punish someone for forgetting to pick up the kids from school once, but keep an eye out for neglectful patterns. If your former spouse has repeatedly failed to give your children basic necessities, you may want to consider a sole custody agreement.

Domestic Abuse

While forgetting to change a diaper once or twice isn’t ideal, that may be an honest mistake. Domestic abuse is never acceptable and should always be met with a sole custody agreement. Work with a child custody lawyer in Chicago to argue your case in court and make sure your ex does not get custody of your child.

Financial Problems

Finally, a household with significant financial problems is no place for a child. While child support can help balance financial inequalities, a parent who is patently irresponsible with money should not have custody of a child. Whether due to gambling or other debts, financial problems are a glaring sign that the other parent should retain custody.

Now that you know the top four reasons for sole custody agreements, do what’s best for your child and set them up for success.

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