Nov 18, 2021

Why a Postnuptial Agreement Is Crucial for Any Marriage

Why a Postnuptial Agreement Is Crucial for Any Marriage

While movies and TV shows have made “prenuptial agreements” a household term, many people don’t know that you can create a nearly identical agreement after you’ve said your vows.

A postnuptial agreement is a similar contract that breaks down who gets what in the case of a divorce; its only difference from a prenup is the time at which you create it. Here’s why a postnuptial agreement is crucial for any marriage.

Promotes Honest Communication

It’s hard to talk about financial issues. They can make you feel embarrassed, but there’s no cause for shame. Honesty and communication are the keys to a happy marriage, so starting with a postnuptial agreement ensures cooperation and discussion from the start. Broaching sensitive topics is tricky, but a postnuptial agreement gives you a reason to open up.

Encourages Thoughtful Spending

One of the biggest potential conflicts in a marriage is a difference in financial philosophies. If one spouse stays frugal while the other splurges, a frank and uncomfortable conversation is all but guaranteed. A postnuptial agreement requires spouses to talk about money before any of these issues come up, which can help couples spot areas of conflict before they get out of control.

Creates Protections for Illness or Death

While a postnuptial agreement could discuss nothing more than what happens in the event of a divorce, you can also use the contract to lay out plans in the case of serious illness or death. These protections can make a challenging time a little easier to navigate with updated wills, estate planning, and life insurance.

Uncomplicates Debt Issues

Spouses entering a marriage with debts hanging over them can lead to unnecessary stresses. Getting a postnuptial agreement in Illinois will help determine who is responsible for paying off the debts and clarify any other factors before problems arise.

Now that you understand why a postnuptial agreement is crucial for any marriage, talk with your spouse about clearing the air of financial worries.

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