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Jun 15, 2012

In Divorce, as in Sports, The Preference is For A Level Playing Field

This past Sunday saw the final day of the 2012 Barclay’s Premier League (BPL) season, which, for soccer fans, was…
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Jun 7, 2012

Making the Case for Facebook’s Zuckerberg to “Like” a Prenuptial Agreement

Posted By: Patrick T. Ryan
Just one day after the opening bell rang for the Nasdaq stock exchange, thereby announcing the hotly anticipat…
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May 23, 2012

Loving v. Virginia: Thoughts on Gay Marriage

Posted By: Erika Wyatt
In June 1958, Mildred Jeter, a black woman, married Richard Loving, a white man.  Although the newlyweds were resid…
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Apr 30, 2012

Child Support Factors Into Financial Woes

American sports enthusiasts love a good rags-to-riches story.  Reading about an athlete rising up against the odds,…
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Apr 18, 2012

Don’t Delay Seeking College Contribution from Your Ex-Spouse

Posted By: Eric L. Schulman
One of the issues typically reserved in contested divorce cases is who will pay the children’s college after they…
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Apr 3, 2012

Shared Parenting Time In Dual Income Families

Posted By: Jay P. Dahlin
As working parents’ roles in the lives of their children evolve with the demands of the modern economy, so too do…
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Feb 6, 2012

Divorcing in a Volatile Economic Market

Posted By: Timothy M. Daw
In uncertain times, dividing the matrimonial pie is more than slicing equal pieces.
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Jan 31, 2012

Kobe Bryant Fails to See Benefit of Premarital Agreements in Athletics

Kobe Bryant was born and raised to be a NBA superstar.  As the son of Joe “Jellybean” Bryant, Kobe gr…
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Nov 14, 2011

Planning Tips for Stress-Free Holidays

Posted By: Erika Wyatt
Parents facing separation or divorce can find joy in the holidays with proper planning
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Sep 15, 2011

Sporting Judgment: Expert Advice Helps Athletes Handle Family Law Issues

As is commonplace in the Chicago sports world, the Bears’ recent preseason losses to the New York Giants and the …
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Aug 23, 2011

Illinois Spousal Support Laws: Cohabitation Conundrum

Posted By: Andrea K. Muchin
Illinois is one of only a few states where spousal support (commonly referred to as “maintenance”) statuto…
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Jul 26, 2011

Understanding Your Client’s Mental Health Needs

Posted By: Andrea K. Muchin
When working with a client going through the often difficult process of divorce, taking any mental health concerns into …
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Jul 6, 2011

Professional Sports & Family Law: Lockout Does Not Necessarily Equal Support Modification

Posted By: Evan D. Whitfield
As of July 1, 2011, both the National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) are embro…
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Jul 1, 2011

Far Reaching Effects of New York’s Legalization of Gay Marriage

Posted By: Karen Pinkert-Lieb
The New York State legislature and Governor Andrew Cuomo legalized same-sex marriage for the state of New York…
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Jun 2, 2011

First Divorce Filing For Same Sex Couple in Illinois

Posted By: Karen Pinkert-Lieb
As of June 1, 2011, same-sex couples are permitted to apply for civil union licenses under the new Civil Union…
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