Negotiated Settlements

Illinois divorce settlement attorneys facilitate negotiated settlements to ensure respectful cooperation between parties.

In any family law proceeding, a negotiated settlement is the ideal result. The process often involves parental decisions, such as custody and child support, as well as complex property division and maintenance. The right divorce settlement attorney facilitates this process and offers empathy. In Illinois, you can count on Schiller DuCanto & Fleck to fulfill this important role. We have successfully negotiated favorable settlements for many clients. 

Why is a Negotiated Settlement Beneficial? 

Divorce does not always equate to the end of a relationship. In many cases, both parties must continue to interact with one another, especially if the couple has children. A negotiated settlement lays out each side’s contribution to childcare following the divorce, which includes parenting plans, custody arrangements, and appropriate child support payments. These agreements also clearly define how the couple will divide their assets.  

When both parties agree on these terms from the beginning, it is much more likely that the couple will retain a respectful, amicable relationship going forward. Parties may also include provisions that relate directly to their situation, which is another benefit of a negotiated settlement.  

How Do Negotiated Settlements Work? 

The first step is often in-depth meetings between each client and their attorney to determine the primary goals of the settlement. From there, the process may differ depending on each party’s demands, but it will likely involve meetings between both clients and their attorneys. Other components include written settlement proposals and pre-trial conferences with the judge. The latter helps both parties understand how the judge may resolve their situation should a trial become necessary.  

Another approach to negotiated settlements is mediation. This process involves an impartial mediator who helps both sides reach an agreement. In these cases, each party still retains their own family law attorney. 

At Schiller DuCanto & Fleck, our divorce settlement attorneys in Illinois prepare clients for what is ahead. We ensure each client has the necessary information and documentation to present their case to the opposing party and their attorney. We secure favorable negotiated settlements for our clients—contact us today for a consultation.  

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